Heat trace solutions as effective frost protection for house and garden. Frost damage are prevented effectively with Kaizen heat trace / tracing solutions.

Heat trace solutions for residential areas and end-user solutions

  • Detached houses, apartments, hotels, hospitals, mosques, baths, bathrooms, etc. for Kaizen electric underfloor heating systems, defrosting systems,
  • Kaizen snow melting and frost protection systems for the prevention of snow and ice accumulation and icing on ramps, sidewalks, stairs and roads, viaducts and bridges of houses, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, airports, stadiums and parking lots,
  • Kaizen snow melting and frost protection systems for roofs, gutters, gutters, downpipes, grids, manholes, outlets etc.
  • Kaizen anti-freeze systems for clean water pipes, sewage pipes, rainwater pipes, water tanks etc.
  • Kaizen hot water storage systems in hotels, hospitals, public housing etc.
  • Anti-fog systems for mirrors
  • Kaizen underfloor heating systems for greenhouses and saplings
  • Kaizen snow melting and frost protection systems for preventing snow accumulation and icing on carpets and grass fields in winter

Special heat trace solutions for industrial plants, oil, gas and energy sectors

  • Kaizen heat tracing systems to maintain operating temperature or prevent freezing in factories, refineries, oil and gas industry, thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants, mines, dams, ships, tankers, pipelines and storage tanks
  • Kaizen temperature control, measurement and display systems,
  • Kaizen special heating systems to maintain temperature in equipment such as drums, pumps, valves, flanges, transmitters, etc., or to prevent freezing,
  • Kaizen leak detection and early warning systems for the prevention of disasters that may result from the leakage of chemicals such as acid, petrochemical products, etc. in industrial facilities, airports, gas stations, pipelines and tanks where combustion and explosive fluids are present.
  • Kaizen high temperature cables, which ensure that vital installations such as communication, lighting, extinguishing, etc. are kept alive under fire and high temperature conditions until the disaster is intervened.

We can provide a variety of associated products and services to complement our heat tracing product range.Our technologies include: 5G, 4G, NBIoT, LTE-M, Itron Gen5, Sigfox, LoraWan, LPWAN 868/915 Mhz, Satellite.Our products are compatible with any cloud platform including Azure, AWS, IBM and Google cloud.

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