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Kaizen industrial applications for heating cables and heating mats

Kaizen industrial applications for heating cables and heating mats, with over 20 years of experience in commercial and industrial heat tracing technology

Heating cables and heating mats,heating tapes, no challenge without solution

For over 20 years, Kaizen has been offering heating cables, heating mats for industrial or commercial applications. And because Kaizen develops and manufactures all of their products themselves, individual, custom solutions can be realized quickly and with a high level of quality.

100% Made in Germany

This is both our lived tradition and our promise of quality to our customers, because high-quality heating tapes and cables are especially important in the trades and industry. We’re at Kaizen are aware that outages of even the smallest components can cause great damage or losses. That’s why we go through great lengths to make sure that no faulty products leave our factory.

Kaizen solutions for critical EX-fields

Heating tapes on oil rigs, tankers or chemical industries: No problem with our special ATEX-products. Ranging from heating cables and tapes to explosion proof connecting sleeves, you will find solutions for any purpose within the Kaizen program.

We can provide a variety of associated products and services to complement our heat tracing product range.Our technologies include: 5G, 4G, NBIoT, LTE-M, Itron Gen5, Sigfox, LoraWan, LPWAN 868/915 Mhz, Satellite.Our products are compatible with any cloud platform including Azure, AWS, IBM and Google cloud.