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Pool heater

Kaizen pool heater – clearly superior in terms of reliability!

The pool heater by Kaizen distinguish themselves from conventional pool heaters in terms of reliability and the need for maintenance – or lack thereof. While a conventional pool heater has to be cleaned often and has mechanical parts that wear out with time, you do not need to worry about any of that with the Kaizen pool heater. The heating mats are installed into the foundation of the pool itself, without any wear parts or direct contact with pool water. Even if the pool heater would come in contact with water, it would be absolutely water proof.

Energy efficient electric heating

Since the Kaizen pool heater is built into the foundation of the pool, the heat can be dispensed into the water from below. The foundation material also serves as heat storage, so you can heat with cheap night current or electricity coming from a photovoltaic system. The necessary, intelligent control units can also be found at Kaizen.

Completely silent

Another advantage of the Kaizen pool heater is the fact that it is completely silent. That way it can be operated at night or early morning without any problems.

Pond heaters – perfect frost protection for your garden pond

The Kaizen pool heater can also be built into uneven ground and, thus, can be used as a heating system for your garden pond. That way, fish and amphibians can get through the winter easily. The temperature within the garden pond can be regulated in a way that prevents the surface from freezing. The particular advantage of the Kaizen pool heater is that no pump is necessary, and adequate frost protection for the garden pond can be ensured even in case of a sudden cold snap. But a pond heater does not only make sense to help animals through the winter, it also prevents damage to pond liner or walls that is caused by cold.

Pool heater, simple installation

The Kaizen pool heater is laid into concrete. Proper insulation of the soil below is recommended. Since the heating mats can be cut individually, almost any shape is possible, even installation into uneven ground, for example when it is used as pond heating.

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