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Fast heater

The rapid heating for all rooms that are rarely used

You know that: You come into the cold bathroom in the morning and when you are done, you can feel that the heating is doing something very slowly. With a rapid heating this drama has an end. The rapid heating TURBO MAT is equipped with two independent heating circuits and can warm up  with twice the power and then it can be switched automatically to half the  power to keep the heat. TURBO MAT is not just something for the bathroom: hobby room, kitchen, conservatory, etc.

Fast heating of walls – as a health and building protection

Especially in bathrooms it may be useful to install a fast heating in the walls. So the entire room can be heated very quickly and especially the walls are almost immediately warm and so no to nearly no condensation humidity is formed. Reliable protection for the masonry, but also a reliable protection against the formation of mold and thus a valuable contribution to the health of residents. 

Save energy with a fast heating

The main advantage of the TURBO MAT fast heating lies in the fact that it can rapidly heat the rooms at the start of use and when after a few minutes the “set heat” is reached, the heating can be switched off when you leave. Without rapid heating you would have to continue to heat for a while – and consume energy – to achieve the positive effect. Unfavorable, especially if you then leave the house or forget about it.

Control TURBO MAT intelligent

The two heating circuits of the TURBO MAT rapid heating can be controlled intelligently through different controllers, so as to achieve an optimal balance between heating power and energy efficiency.