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Regulation and thermostats

The appropriate controls and thermostats for every purpose

Regulation and thermostats

Control room temperature, pool heating and heated driveways comfortably by app or with the classic point scale thermostat. Kaizen offers various controls for all tastes and needs.

Whether frost and ice protection for open areas, underfloor heating or under soil heating in the football stadium: A heating system is only as good as its control technology: With precise temperature control and well-tuned on and off periods energy can be saved without sacrificing comfort and safety. Kaizen offers matching controllers for every application.

Intelligent controlling systems

Particularly interesting are adaptive control systems that control all electrical equipment in the house and compare them with data of utilities as well as weather forecasts. So the self-consumption of solar power and peak electricity can be optimized as a contribution to energy and conservation of ressources.

Safety and protection of buildings with Kaizen technology

Snow free driveways, ice-free heliports, frost protection for water pipes and garden areas with optimum energy efficiency. The ice and snow detectors and frost guards by Kaizen give safety. Heating cables are only activated when really there is an acute need. But this – absolutely reliable!

Usability and design

We can provide a variety of associated products and services to complement our heat tracing product range.Our technologies include: 5G, 4G, NBIoT, LTE-M, Itron Gen5, Sigfox, LoraWan, LPWAN 868/915 Mhz, Satellite.Our products are compatible with any cloud platform including Azure, AWS, IBM and Google cloud.