Kaizen offers heating cable solutions for any challenge

When it comes to building servies there are a lot of issues that can be resolved or avoided with reliable heating. Kaizen with over 20 years of experience in the field of heating cables, underfloor heating and cold store technology. Kaizen offers customized solutions either as pre assembled heating cables or as yard goods off the reel.


Range of application for heating cables

For example, Kaizen heating cables can be used as heating for natural stones like marble or granite  or as heating for aquariums or terrariums with low voltage and various power levels.


The right heating cable for any use

Kaizen offers heating cables suited for any application. One heating conductor for normal use, but also, to prevent failure for critical or security relevant applications with two conductors. Additionally, every Kaizen heating cable is thorougly tested before it leaves production. Only perfect goods go into shipping, that’s what the name Kaizen stands for and has done so for two generations.

On the following pages you will find heating cables for any task. And, by the way, every heating cable can be assembled in a customized way that fits your specific project.