Kaizen ice and snow prevention / melting systems can be installed beneath virtually any surface to ensure it is kept free from potentially dangerous ice and snow build up.

All Kaizen outdoor heating cables are designed to withstand the harsh conditions heating cables must deal with on building sites, when being installed in to different constructions using concrete, being covered with hot tarmac or fitted in sand under block paving and paving slabs.

All Kaizen systems are controlled by an intelligent automatic ice and snow melting control, using both temperature sensors and moisture sensors to control the system and make sure it runs in an energy efficient way.

Kaizen designs, manufactures and supplies bespoke ice and snow melting systems and offers an installation service.


Domestic applications

Driveway heating Heated walkways and steps Heated entrance areas, terraces and balconies. Heated parking areas Ramp Heating — down to underground parking

Commercial parking applications

Ramp heating Heated access roads Heated parking bays and parking areas Heated walkways, steps and staircases

Application for public services and the public transport industry

Platform heating for trains and buses Heated pedestrian walkways, ramps, bridges, steps and entrance Heated roads, ramps and parking areas Heated helicopter landing pads, and heated access routes to helicopters Heated outdoor washing bays for workshops Heated hardstands and parking areas for the emergency services Heating for disabled access ramps, walkways and parking areas