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Low energy heating

The heating for the energy revolution

The low-energy heatings GREEN MAT are future oriented innovations by Kaizen and revive the idea of the night storage heating.

Building on the proven thin bed heating mat technology of Kaizen, the new GREEN MAT are optimally matched to use in low energy houses. A double laid out heating wire system with lower power consumption enables a very demand orientated heating, thus saving energy. When heat is required, two heating wires heat  the floor much faster to the desired temperature than an underfloor heating with only one heating circuit. Once the optimum floor temperature is reached, one circuit is automatically switched off and thus the room temperature is kept with considerably less energy than conventional systems.

Heat 100% climate neutral, conserve resources

If the GREEN MAT heating mats are used for example in combination with a photovoltaic system or supplied with electricity from wind or water power, heating is not only carbon neutral, but even a plus for the climate. Fossil fuels discharge CO², renewable energy sources such as wood pellets blow as much CO² in the atmosphere, as the forest that is planted to replace the cut forest, can absorb.

With storage heating mats supplied with electricity from the right sources, no CO² is exhausted and the forest can grow and transform CO² that was produced by factories, humans or cars into oxygen.

With the Kaizen GREEN MAT low energy heating mats and the right energy you make a valuable contribution to save the climate.

Internationally excellent quality

Our innovative GREEN MAT heating mats have been awarded several times by prestigious juries for their groundbreaking concept for reducing global CO² emissions.