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Natural Stone or marble silicon heating cable

Individual natural stone or marble heating for any room

With the Natural Stone or Marble silicone heating cables by Kaizen, any shape or size of natural stone heating can be realized. That way there are no creative limits when designing the room.

New possibilities for interior design

A natural stone or marble heating can be integrated elegantly into the furnishing concept, like a sculpture or a piece of art. It emits pleasant radiant heat, which means it heats the room a lot more evenly than a traditional convector heater or radiator, which cause strong air currents that whirl up dust.

Marble or natural stone heating with storage effect

Additionally, a natural stone or marble heating has the positive effect of a night storage heating. The massive stone can store a lot of heat and distribute it again over time with no additional energy input. That way, cheap energy (like night current or wind energy) that is not needed in the early morning, can be used more efficiently.

How well the natural stone or marble heating stores energy is depending on the size, but, above all, the thickness of the material.

Save costs and heat efficiently

With a natural stone or marble heating, you can heat very cost-effective and energy-efficient. A traditional convector heater has to whirl the air around the room to heat all of it, while the radiant heat coming from the natural stone heating heats the room a lot quicker, more pleasant and all around more effective.