Freeze protection of tunnel equipments with heating cables


Freeze protection of tunnel equipments with heating cables

Industrial Pipe Heating

Industrial pipe heating is one of the most common applications for electrical heat tracing, in hazardous as well as in non-hazardous locations. No matter if it is frost protection or temperature maintenance, an electrical heat tracing system is essential to ensure that the medium remains fluid and the process runs smoothly. Pipe heating minimises frost damages, ensures the maintenance of certain temperature levels and avoids condensation and freezing. Also heating up of specific media is possible, e. g. at molten salt applications for concentrated solar power plants.

A poorly designed pipe heating system can lead to blockages inside pipes and therefore to costly maintenance requirements. Our engineers with decades of experience will help you to design your appropriate pipe heating system, from single components to the complete solutions including accessories and control and monitoring.

Our product portfolio is as varied as the applications – from low temperature heating tapes for frost protection, fluoropolymer-insulated heating cables for pipe heating in aggressive environments up to mineral insulated heating cables for the highest temperatures. Many of our heating cables are approved for use in hazardous areas.

Design of a Pipe Heating System

To calculate the output for a pipe heating system, detailed information is required, e. g. kind of application, location, type of media as well as the lengths of the pipe and the number of flanges, valves and supports. The required output depends also on the thickness of the insulation. The type of heating cable used depends also on environmental conditions, like pipe and ambient temperature or purge gas.

To facilitate the design, just use our enquiry pipe heating. Our engineers would like to face your challenge.

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