Snowfalls and cold air that is warmed by allowing the normalization of the way when the ramp and road icing often observed HEATING systems, kaizen Turkey is applied with electric underfloor HEATING and snow melting systems. The best quality and most competent approach with all these applications seamlessly unfolds, whether in the car, or on driveways, sidewalks or similar fields in the HEAT system can be applied if desired.

Moreover, the ramp will be installed and the road HEATING systems do not come with a fixed power applications. Current geography seasonal conditions, minimum and maximum temperatures, snow melting speed when in anticipation of such points may be selected based on power applied to the system. In short, Turkey Kaizen owned roads with snow and ice melting system with electric underfloor heating systems HEATING be applied in considering the environmental conditions.

Ramp and Road Asphalt and Concrete Floor Heating Systems Available

HEATING net and the resistance of the cable system which highlights the success of stone placed under the ground such as sand or cable are provided. More than 50 mm. having a thickness of asphalt, pavement or concrete may be placed on the cable. In need HEATING system which prevents snow and ice bridges need stairs, terraces and balconies available. Automatically prevents icing and parts they need at this point of the present system the ability to measure and all other apparatus HEATING system is available with the Kaizen Turkey.

Underfloor HEATING and Don Prevention Solutions

Automatic heating systems according to the received temperature values ​​which the snow and ice melt and wet surfaces they make them active. HEATING off or if the system needs to self and environment will remain on hold until needed. In this way the energy savings achieved. Moreover, the freeze prevention system does not have harmful effects, such as the path loss to salts or chemical use.

Vehicle Highway, Park Area, Pedestrian Street

Labor should not and when these systems are generating all kinds of advantages in key aspects such as saving driveway, parking area, used in areas such as pedestrian path.